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From a grasp of cyber risks to resilience: Supply Chain 4.0 issues.

Digitization is steadily entering every economic sector in a revolution that has reached the field of industrial production. 

At the 2011 Hanover Fair, the ‘Industry 4.0’ concept was presented for the first time. It was a new way of organizing production resources in order to develop smart factories. These would be more adaptable in terms of production and allocate resources more efficiently.

Industry 4.0 is based on what is known as the Internet of things and the connected factory. As early as 2010, the Stuxnet worm offered a warning of the dangers that connected factories could face.

Factory digitization has an impact on the entire logistics process, so we should actually be referring to a ‘Supply Chain 4.0’, where every stage in the supply chain is vulnerable to cyber threats.

  • Are CISOs, IS managers and CDOs properly equipped…
    • to talk to operational heads in their specialist language?
    • to discuss frankly with them the direct and indirect risks they run if they do not plan and organize resilience throughout their entire supply chain?


Adote CHILLOH - CIO, Security & Production Manager, BNF

Jean-Christophe MATHIEU - Product and Solution Security Officer, Division Digital Factory, Siemens

Philippe LAFLANDRE - VP - Head of Consulting & Public Affairs, Airbus Defence and Space Cybersecurity



Alain ESTABLIER - Chief editor of SECURITY DEFENSE Business Review 


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Thursday 4 February at 6:00 PM

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