Thursday 2 April 2020 Second evening of Le Cercle

WORKSHOP - 5.30pm

Cyber security in medium-sized businesses

For medium-sized businesses working worldwide, cyber security risks are real and their consequences can be disastrous. However, budget and human resources are often limited, and the regulations in force can be quite restrictive… Therefore, what should be the CISO’s strategy? Where to start? How to identify and prioritize risks? What are the problems to solve first? How to choose the battles to fight? Are there some technologies to favor or an organization to set up?

These questions will be discussed during this workshop presented by Xavier Leschaeve, Group CISO at Rémy Cointreau.

 (Guests only)



Toward a digital strategy emergence

At a time when the European Commission reveals its strategy, and when France takes its ambitious vision up to the highest level of the Government, all the digital and cyber security actors demand a strategic independence and the creation of a third path for Europe. This awaited political wish now needs to be activated. So, how to create the proper conditions of this restructuration and finally favor the birth of a strong European system? How to contribute to the creation of a solid European potency with cohesion, determination and commitment? During this debate, we will talk about data strategy, disruptive technologies, norms and standards, investments and education.

This debate will be led by Mélanie Benard-Crozat, Editor-in-chief of S&D Magazine, and Florence Puybareau, Content Director of DG Consultants.


Cocktail dinner - 8pm

Celebrating 20 years!

For its 20 years, Les Assises is getting a makeover! In a few days, you will discover the new graphic identity of Les Assises and all its events: Les Assises, Le Cercle & Le Before.

At 20 we take stock and we look to the future, and we intend to take you with us!