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3 questions to Emmannuel GRAS, CEO and co-founder of Alsid

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Alsid is the winner of the 2017 Innovation Prize to be presented at Les Assises de la Sécurité on Thursday 12 October following the plenary conference. The start-up has also just announced a fundraising campaign of 1.5 million euros.

Can you tell us a bit about Alsid and your solution?

Alsid is a French cybersecurity software publisher specialising in corporate network security. Luc Delsalle and I created it in June 2016. We’re both engineers and cybersecurity experts, and we have both worked for ANSSI. Thanks to our past careers, we have acquired excellent knowledge of information system security and attack methods. We noticed a lot of similarities in large-scale attacks (APT) with directory infrastructures systematically being targeted and compromised. That’s the reason for our company: we design solutions that disrupt the cyberattacks by defending Active Directory (AD) infrastructures. Basically, our solution detects the appearance of attack scenarios in order to efficiently respond before an attacker has a chance to use them. By defending the common denominator of all targeted attacks, Alsid provides better security for the money than most market security solutions.

What is the Prize's impact? 

The Innovation Prize is a much different award than others we've received so far. First of all, because the winner is chosen by a qualified audience that manages security every day for major French and international corporations. So the Innovation Prize is an incomparable sign of recognition for our product, its positioning with respect to current threats and for our business project.
Then, it really boosts visibility because it gives us access to Les Assises de la Sécurité and to Le Cercle events. We’re already seeing that the Prize is having a significant impact in our activity. We’re currently negotiating with partners we met at the Le Cercle de la Sécurité cocktail when we were announced the winner.

What do you expect from Les Assises?

With Les Assises, we hope to increase our visibility to a whole new level and better present our offer. In particular, we hope to leverage the Prize’s prestige to announce new partnerships and new security services.
Plus, Les Assises provides an opportunity to meet cybersecurity market players, especially through the workshop we’ll be leading with Airbus Helicopters. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to raise the awareness of a very qualified audience on the threats against AD infrastructures, and present our innovative approach to managing this risk.

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