Three questions for Garance Mathias

Published on by Paloma SIGGINI - updated on

What is your analysis of the Cercle's survey results?

I wasn't very surprised by the results. The main messages are reassuring although there's still information and awareness work to be done. For example, a third of the respondents don't know what is a Data Protection Officer.

What are the most notable elements?

One result that might appear surprising, but really isn't, is question 6. We learn that two-thirds of organisations don't have a procedure for reporting personal data violations. This is significant because it shows that companies are uncomfortable with this topic that still frightens them. Question 7 might seem encouraging (two-thirds of respondents know that subcontractors' obligations are increased by the European regulation), but we should note that few of them consider the consequences. Starting with revising contract practices.

A more positive element?

The answer to question 8, where we see that awareness campaigns are bearing fruit and companies have understood the importance of impact analyses.

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